West Hempstead Shuls Little League


League Rules

1)       1) What is the length of the game ?

6 innings for single game, 4 or 5 for double-header subject to 1 hour maximum.


2)       2) What is the mercy rule ?

6 runs per inning, except for the final inning, where this is no cap.  There is no per game margin or cap.

If Team A bats first and Team B bats last, and Team B is down significantly - The coaches may agree at the end of the 5th inning to have Team B continue right into a 6th inning.  Should Team B score enough runs to tie or pass Team A, then Team A would play the bottom half of the 6th inning. Otherwise, the game ends after that half inning.  


3)       3) What official game ball is used ?

T-ball (baseball-size with soft-core center) for K-4 boys; Softball for Girls and 5/6/7 boys.


4)       4) Who pitches ?

Parents or other adult pitches for Girls and K-4 Boys. The same adult pitcher should pitch both the top and bottom of a given inning.  Kindergarten may also hit off a batting tee, if desired.

5/6/7 boys – The players pitch themselves.  No pitcher can pitch more than 3 innings.  A 5th grader must pitch at least 2 innings.


5)      5) Who catches ? 

Same as pitching rules. If the 5/6/7 boys do not have enough players to spare for a catcher, a parent may catch but cannot be involved in a play.


5)       6)      Is it 3 strikes, 3 swings or 6 pitches ? 

For children pitching – it is the standard 3 strikes (foul tip will make 1st and/or 2nd strike but not the 3rd strike).

 For parent pitching – It is 6 pitches, with a 7th pitch should the batter tips the 6th pitch.


6)       7)      Safety Rules ? 

Batters must wear helmets in all age groups.


8)      8) Minimum number of players ?

 Teams need at least 6 players to play, and 7 players for boys 5/6/7. If a team has fewer players than that, they can avoid forfeit by bringing in a younger player, or an older player if the other coach agrees. If an older player is used for one team to make the minimum, then the other team will be allowed one additional older player as well.


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